Important Info:

Important Info:

We welcome everyone to a safe and wonderful nature experience with us in TrollPark Hove. We take the situation around Covid-19 very seriously and therefore we have taken the necessary measures to ensure that the safety of our guests and employees is well taken care of. Do you have questions about our handling of Covid-19 and your visit?         

We are happy to answer your questions.

Please note that if you have cold symptoms and do not feel completely fit, you must unfortunately wait to visit us in idyllic Hove until you feel completely healthy. If you are in the risk group, or interact with people in the risk group, we would also like you to wait with your visit.


  • We only have a limited number of tickets per day, so we now only have this period open for pre-booking. Available places every day can be found  here.
  • Ticket for climbing park will be valid for 2 hours.
  • We recommend that you show up 15 minutes before the booked time.
  • All climbing equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • Used equipment is placed in separate dedicated places.
  • Guests put on a climbing harness themselves. Members of the same household help each other. Our instructors will demonstrate, guide and perform visual inspection after dressing. All harness clothing is checked and you will be completely safe when you start on the slopes.
  • Safety training will be conducted as before, but in smaller groups and at a greater distance.


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