Escape room

The ski trip across the plateau changes quickly when a winter storm suddenly sweeps in across the mountains. You must find shelter from the wind and snow. Eventually you manage find lee in a valley protected from the wind but exposed to the steep snowy slopes above.

Exhausted and cold, you fall in the door of the forgotten cabin that lies alone in the valley. You are happy to have finally come to safety. Here you are safe from the storm that ravages up the mountain, but NOT from the DANGERS THAT THREATEN DOWN IN THE DALE.

When you start looking around inside the cabin, you discover that it does not seem as uninhabited as you first thought. You also FEEL the unpleasant feeling of being observed. You decide to leave the cabin, but discover that it is already too late. You have been trapped and the hunter is hiding somewhere out there in the storm. The hut is his trap and you are now in danger. Can you get out of the cabin before it’s too late? time passes and you are trapped:

Playing time: Up to 60 minutes

Number of players: 2-6